ENGL 230 Professional Communication Complete Course

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ENGL 230 Professional Communication Complete Course Homework help

Week 1

ENGL 230 Week 1 National and International Ethics DQ 1
Week 1 Quiz
  • (TCO 1) What is the exchange of oral, written, and nonverbal messages among people working to accomplish common tasks and goals?
  • (TCO 1) Maintaining candor, avoiding deception, keeping messages accurate, and maintaining consistent behavior are some guidelines for sustaining
  • (TCO 1) Evaluate the following goal in terms of the goal setting guidelines discussed in the chapter: “I want to complete the weekly schedule at least three days before it is due.”
  • (TCO 1) Trading favors, appearing successful at tasks, associating with the “right” people, and making concessions to obtain others’ compliance are some political strategies you should use only after asking yourself:
  • (TCO 1) When you show that you are interested in what another person has to say by being receiver-oriented, receptive, and responsive to his or her message, you are demonstrating:

Week 2

Week 2 Activity 5 Outline

Week 3

ENGL 230 Week 3 DQ 1 Informative Speaking
ENGL 230 Week 3 IBM Stocks Presentation Speaker Notes
ENGL 230 Week 3 IBM Stocks Presentation
ENGL 230 Week 3 IBM Stocks Presentation Speaker Notes
Week 3 Quiz
  • (TCO 4) In adapting to listeners, speakers have to take into account the __________ levels of the audience.
  • (TCO 4) What presentations share information, shape perceptions and set agendas?
  • (TCO 4) Which type of presentation is designed to answer “How” questions, such as “How
    does this work?”
  • (TCO 4) What type of presentation educates listeners to help them gain or improve on specific skills?
  • (TCO 4) Successful informative presentations

Week 4

ENGL 230 Week 4 Ball Corporation Practicing Business Communication
ENGL 230 Week 4 Outline

Week 5

Week 5 Presentation How Viral Marketing & Speaker Notes

Week 6

ENGL 230 Week 6 Interviewing Activity 1 Assignment
Week 6 Quiz
  • (TCO 8) More than 90 percent of business organizations provide training in ___________ for their employees. (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) Which of the following could be an obstacle to the achievement of goals in the interview? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) The interviewer who asks him or herself such questions as “Will the interviewee know what the interview is about?” and “Will the interviewee want to participate in the interview?” is addressing which two components of the interview’s opening? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) What three concepts bear on question meaning? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) What form of question is the following: Do you believe that women should be allowed to take combat roles in the military? (Points : 2)
  • (TCO 8) Which of Carl Rogers’s five response categories seeks to reassure, pacify, or reduce the interviewee’ s intensity of feeling? (Points : 2)

Week 7

Week 7 Assignment Practicing Business Communications
Week 7 Persuasive Outline

Week 8

Week 8 Presentation Proposal for Additional Company Network Security and Firewall
Week 8 Proposal for Additional Company Network Security and Firewall Speaker Notes
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